Fruit stickers


When I eat a piece of fruit, I take the PLU sticker from the fruit and stick it on one of the days of the month. No rhyme, nor reason. I just like to do it.

As a side note, a Gala apple is 4133, a tomato is 3131 and Cutie stickers are just, well, cute.

I must admit that having a sticker makes the fruit more appealing at time of selection and purchase. A sticker-less fruit is only selected as a last resort.


3 responses to “Fruit stickers

  1. Those stickers are actually really appealing. I like the concept, it’s cute. I love how you tagged this post weird. Have you blogged before? I’m a relatively new blogger as well, so I’m liking what I’m seeing! Can’t wait to see more!

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  2. The stickers on my fruit aren’t as cute, but I like the idea as a way of encouraging myself to eat at least one piece a day.


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