Dear Dream Reader: MacDaddy, my kittie cat


To my Kittie Cat:

I am writing this letter to you Mac so that you can take it with you to Cat Heaven.  I am sure that you will be able to read this when you arrive as Heaven is a wonderful place.  I can’t imagine that there wouldn’t be a Translator available.

I am afraid that the time to make the trip is approaching soon.  There are many things I would like to say to you but let me begin by letting you know how much I have appreciated your company.

When you came to us 10 years ago, little did I realize how much I would come to love you.  You were big and furry then too, about 14 pounds, just younger and faster.  Now at 18 years old you sleep more, act like you do not hear me anymore and your yowl has become very loud.  No, you are not in pain, even the vet says that.  You are just old.

Your name has not always been MacDaddy.  When you arrived from Phoenix, your name was Macintosh, like the computer.  Your person had recently died and you were headed to a shelter.  My stepdaughter snagged you up, brought you to Yuma.  A few months later you came to live with us and Macintosh was too stuffy a name for a big guy like you!   In case you don’t know, you are a Maine Coon cat, male, tri-color with a big plumey tail.  You are not as big as some of your breed, but you are bigger than any other cat I have ever owned.  You are also the sweetest.

As you are getting older, you have become needier.  You sleep between our two pillows at the head of the bed, your big paw reaches out to touch one of us.  This also means that your plumey tail bombs one of us in the face.  Never fails.  You don’t sleep through the nite anymore, most seniors don’t as we can attest to in our own lives.  Up at 0230, again 0315 (this time for a treat which I do not deny you), out again about 0430, back in around 0530.  I am not worried that you are not getting enough sleep as that is all you do, all day long.  In fact, you go to bed every morning just as soon as you are sure we are up.

You like to be close, not necessarily on our lap, but close.  When your Dad Person was sick with the flu recently, you spent a lot of time in his lap, helping him feel better.  I will miss that when you move on.

As you know, a new little cat showed up at the house recently.  A stray.  He’s an idiot, but you already know that.  You have been so tolerant of this guy, last nite when you were asleep on the couch the little guy licked your head – and you let him!!

Well, Mac, hope you know how special you are to us.  Hope I can read this letter in 10 more years and you will still be here, reaching our your big paw, just to stay in touch.

Love from your Mom Person


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