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Every day beginnings

Each morning, after feeding two cats and getting coffee, I wrap myself in a blanket. I pick up my phone and go to the Bible app.

For the last few years I have followed this same routine, spending some quiet time with God. I read, listen for a response. I plan my day and ask that my words and actions represent Him well.

Thank you God for a great life and getting me started with two right feet.


Daily Post 011415. 3rd sentence

“This was Paul’s condition in prison.” From Moments of Peace in the Presence of God.  Paul was writing to the church in Phillipa, encouraging them to live in a way that reflected well on them.

Second time this morning to receive the same message. I had just finished reading a tweet from Hevria that linked to an essay about wearing clothing that identified the writer as a Jew.

Message received.  Live a life that reflects who I am, what I stand for and Who I believe in.